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5.6M Patient Records Breached in 2017, as Healthcare Struggles to Comprehensively and Proactively Detect Health Data Breaches

The Breach Barometer Annual Report analyzes how data breaches have affected healthcare throughout 2017.
 The full report includes the following:
  • Comparative analysis of 2016 vs. 2017 health data breaches
  • Trends in health data breach detection and disclosure
  • A breakdown of the biggest threats to patient data in 2017
  • Evidence-based predictions for how data breaches will affect healthcare in 2018
  • A discussion on how healthcare organizations can gain full visibility into their EHR and get ahead of the data breach crisis
Key findings include:
  • 5.6M total patient records breached
  • 477 total breach incidents
  • 176 insider-related incidents
  • 308 days, average time to discover a breach 
  • 73 days, average time to report breach to HHS
  • Hacking incidents that include ransomware/malware seemingly doubled
Read the full report to understand how health data breaches are affecting the healthcare industry.
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