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Three Keys to Change Management

Managing change in healthcare, especially when it involves implementing new technology, presents some challenges that can be tricky to navigate. Partnering with a vendor who builds best implementation practices makes your job much easier. 

A successful implementation supports better use of a new solution and return on your organization's investment. Executing effective change management within your healthcare organization requires following best implementation practices that've been proven to work so you can put valuable resources to the best use. Increase the probability of your success by undertaking these three key actions:

  • Ensure alignment. Take the time early on to establish expectations, determine key stakeholders, and detail a plan.
  • Talk it out. Cross-functional communication and collaboration is critical to successful change management.
  • Choose an ally. Partner with a vendor who understands your organization’s needs and industry standards, as well as best practices.

To learn more about implementation best practices and how to overcome common change management challenges with Nick Culbertson, Protenus CEO & Co-Founder and Robert Midiri, Director of Non-Clinical Pharmacy Operations at Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health, watch our 5th Tiny Talk of The Privacy Series, Best Practices Are Foundational to Change Management, available now.

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Interested in implementing new technology at your organization? Read our free guide on Implementation Best Practices with key implementation considerations when evaluating a privacy solution, plus quotes from customers on what it's like to work with Protenus.

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