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Celebrating Back-to-Back Best in Klas Awards

Celebrating Back-to-Back Best in Klas Awards

We recently announced that Protenus received the 2024 Best in KLAS Category Award for both Patient Privacy Monitoring and Drug Diversion Surveillance for the second consecutive year. This repeated recognition speaks volumes, not just about our solutions' caliber, but also about the dedication and commitment of our esteemed clientele consisting of healthcare compliance leaders who make this success meaningful and tangible.

A Testament to Client Dedication

KLAS-2024-HomepageSliderOur community has the well-being of patients woven into its very fabric, nurturing a shared mission to eliminate risk within healthcare. Serving this community isn't just a professional obligation; it's an honor that we carry with utmost zeal and sincerity.

As I reflect on this achievement, there are three things that are foremost in my mind:

  1. Our customers are genuinely invested in patient safety and trust, and share our mission to eliminate risk in healthcare - serving them is an honor.
  2. The results we are able to demonstrate with our innovative technology are only possible in combination with the subject matter expertise and compliance culture that our customers bring to the table. We can only achieve great things together, and we never forget that.
  3. Compliance is a community, and we are humbled to be part of such a progressive, passionate, and altruistic group

Our Appreciation

We share this recognition with each and every one of our customers, and I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity we have at Protenus to make an impact in healthcare compliance.

Thank you to all our customers for instilling your faith in us and walking hand in hand in pursuit of excellence in healthcare compliance. Together, we reaffirm our promise to innovate, protect, and inspire.

Thank you to each of our partners for your trust and partnership - we look forward to continuing our shared journey and success with you.

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