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Celebrating Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week 2022

Protenus celebrates HCCA/SCCE Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week in honor of our customers and partners the healthcare compliance teams across the country that combine the power of artificial intelligence with their expertise and leadership to ensure a culture of compliance throughout their organizations. See what we've got planned for you!

Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week takes place from November 6-12, 2022. We're celebrating our healthcare compliance customers who ensure their institutions work efficiently, reduce risk, and maintain the trust of patients who seek care within their hospitals and health systems. 

Educational webinar

To celebrate these professionals, we'll be hosting a short, 30 minute webinar on "3 Best Practice for Elevating Your Healthcare Privacy Compliance Program" with Teresa Burns, Privacy Officer and Director of Privacy Operations at Protenus.

Thursday, November 10, 2022, 2pm ET 

Key Takeaways:

  • How to ensure better policy adherence and a stronger culture of compliance at your healthcare organization
  • Thinking outside of policies & procedures to level up your compliance program
  • Actionable tips to get you started right away

Fresh insight

We've also published a brand new post on our Privacy Officer Desk page, "The Ethics Part of Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week" where Teresa Burns shares insight and information on healthcare compliance and protecting patient privacy!

To find resources and more information about how your organization can participate in Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week, please visit:

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