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Community Counts

Community Counts

With a strong community, great things can happen. Learn how we foster growth through relationships with our employees, our customers, and our PANDAS (People AND Analytics) user group as we stay true to the promise our solutions provide to protect healthcare organizations’ reputations and their patients.

Protenus believes that a strong community is the best way to champion healthcare compliance. We’re dedicated to building and fostering community among our employees, our customers, and our PANDAS user group all of which ultimately benefits healthcare organizations, their patients, and the industry at-large.

Our Employees

Driven by shared consciousness and empowered execution, our employees thrive – personally and professionally – delivering on the solutions that align with our company’s strategy and support our customer community. 

Protenus' company values, Be Human, Build Trust, Live (Em)Powered, and Onward Together support us in creating a "team of teams" — an open, collaborative community. 

Our Customer and PANDAS Community

The best platforms are built by partnering with the experts at top health systems. That's why our customers are at the center of everything we do, working together to improve healthcare compliance. 

As healthcare compliance is always changing, the best way to stay up-to-date and connected is the PANDAS community – open to all Protenus customers and home for learning, support, networking, and healthcare innovation. PANDAS stands for People AND Analytics because our human subject matter expertise and artificial intelligence compliment each other when paired together. 

Over 400 members from around 100 healthcare organizations nationwide interact throughout the year, such as at the annual PANDAS Live conference and quarterly e-PANDAS webinars, plus the PANDAS forum where they can connect with peers and Protenus team members anytime.

PANDAS was built on the idea that the best way to grow is to grow together. PANDAS events are designed to strengthen community through learning and sharing ideas to reduce risk

- Christa White, VP of Customer Success, Protenus

Bringing the power of people and analytics together helps us move healthcare forward.

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