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Ensuring Compliance Policy Adherence With AI

Regardless of reduced budgets and critical staffing shortages, IT departments must continue to ensure colleagues adhere to their organizations’ healthcare compliance strategies. The challenge is monitoring huge amounts of data without missing what matters — here’s where AI can help.

Ensuring policy adherence at scale is no easy task for any IT department relying on human eyes alone, no matter how many team members they have. Compliance professionals’ work in monitoring EHR data and activity logs for suspicious behaviors doesn’t end there,  it’s also determining which small portion of those incidents are true policy violations and how to move forward with resolving the cases.

What are you missing? 

The many small, manual tasks that make up resolving even a single case consume so much time and energy that it quickly becomes impossible to keep up with monitoring the staggering amount of data.  For example, the average hospital generates 60 million auditable events per month, but only audits 1,000 of them. It’s so easy to miss something important that could turn out to be a huge risk for the organization and its patients.

How AI can help 

Using an AI-driven platform enables workforce automation to help ensure policy adherence at scale while requiring fewer resources. Technology provides massive time savings, more complete monitoring, and better risk reduction. Protenus’ AI-powered platform allows customers to:

  • Monitor up to 100% of system accesses
  • Achieve a 90%+ accuracy rate in distinguishing between proper and improper system accesses
  • Evaluate cases in as little as 5 to 15 minutes thanks to the background information included when suspicious behavior is surfaced


“Just looking at all the data IT teams have to monitor to ensure compliance policy adherence can be overwhelming. And we know it’s not humanly possible to do that without something slipping through the cracks. Creating a proactive compliance strategy better protects the healthcare organization and more importantly, the patients it serves,”

- Julie Dillon, Customer Solutions Manager at Protenus. 


Creating a proactive compliance strategy 

Learn from our compliance experts about how organizations can utilize artificial intelligence to switch risk reduction strategies from reactive and manual to proactive and streamlined during Protenus’ presentation, "Building a Proactive AI-Driven Risk Reduction Strategy", at HIMSS 2022 in Orlando:

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