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Determined to Deliver

Determination is what drives Protenus to deliver stellar solutions and support programs designed to reduce and eliminate risk. Discover how that focus impacts the success of our customers’ compliance programs.

Dedication to Determination

At Protenus, we’re problem solvers, subject matter experts, and support stewards helping enable healthcare organizations to protect and care for their patients with our proactive compliance and security solutions. We lead by example, determined to look for ways to innovate and educate the industry on how artificial intelligence (AI) can ultimately reduce risk for the healthcare organization. 

That determination shines through in several key areas:

  • Commitment to compliance:  We are the only vendor focused solely on healthcare compliance and not diluted or spread out across disparate areas of AI or analytics. 
  • Deep experience: We deliver expert professional services, with more than 100 years of combined experience that includes support and consultation with privacy experts when a breach occurs.
  • Optimization: Our professional services help optimize an organization's entire compliance program; our expertise is not limited to only Protenus platform usage.
  • Original disruptor: We've stayed true to our roots. We stick to our mission with no distractions so we can continue to develop proactive solutions that identify fraud and breaches.
  • Proven results: Our customers have demonstrated reduction and prevention of risk, experiencing a visible reduction in risk over time as the platform continues to gather and form patterns. For example, our customers protecting patient privacy experience a 70% time savings compared to legacy systems, and improvements to our machine learning model lets them review 14 fewer cases per month while maintaining the same violation discovery level. Our customers preventing drug diversion see an 80% reduction in incident detection time, finding the diversion within 50 days of it occurring, on average.

Singular Focus

Whether providing trusted guidance on building a robust compliance program, innovating AI solutions that support workforce automation and enable customers to do more without adding additional resources, or enhancing customers’ experience with our award-winning support team, the focus of our determination remains the same — empowering healthcare to eliminate risk.

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