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Driving Departmental ROI

Before your team can demonstrate value, it's important to lay a foundation you can trust to provide accurate, scalable results for your compliance monitoring program. One way to do that is through an artificial intelligence-powered solution, but how do you know you placed your faith in the right hands? Learn how Protenus builds and validates trustworthy AI and how it drives departmental return on investment (ROI) over time.

Why Trust AI?

We need to trust AI, but if we could fully understand it then we wouldn’t need machine learning to solve the problem — that's the paradox that makes it hard to place faith in AI at face value. At Protenus, we build and validate trustworthy AI in part by taking these actions:

  • Monitoring production performance on how well the AI distinguishes between suspicious and non suspicious accesses
  • Monitoring for fairness to make sure the AI is treating segments of the population evenly
  • Building our analytics based on features we can understand, and validating how the AI “thinks” about a case

With the proper guardrails in place we can trust that AI is doing its job, but ultimately the best results come from people and analytics working together.

Strengthening Your Team's Value

Once you have a foundation you trust to provide accurate, scalable results, your team can start strengthening its value. Create a more proactive approach to compliance monitoring, save time, and do more with fewer resources. Real ROI reported by Protenus customers you can expect:

  • Up to 100% of system accesses monitored
  • Up to 95% accuracy rate distinguishing between proper and improper accesses
  • ~70% time savings when reviewing cases compared to legacy solutions

To learn more about what trusting AI does and doesn't mean with insight from Erika Dunn-Weiss, Ph.D., Data Scientist at Protenus, and see a walk-through of how our AI "thinks" about a patient privacy case, watch our 4th Tiny Talk, AI is The Foundation to Drive Departmental ROI, available now.

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Now that you've heard the supporting evidence through the Tiny Talk series on why make the switch to AI, here are key considerations when selecting a patient privacy monitoring solution.  In the next Tiny Talk, you'll hear from those that made the switch and how they handled implementation and change management within their organizations.

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