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How Protenus encourages growth and innovation

Soon after the completion of my military service in the Air Force, I took a job repairing laser printers and small servers and offering small service contracts to select customers. This quickly turned from just a job to a passion, as I learned that I not only had the right skills to be successful but I also really enjoyed helping my customers tackle complex challenges at both the individual and organizational levels. I continued to flourish in my sales career and became interested in Protenus when I noticed their media coverage in 2016. It immediately caught my attention because the team was tackling the challenge of patient privacy in an entirely new way - utilizing the latest advances in artificial intelligence (AI) to proactively identify and prevent threats to patient data. It was revolutionary and I wanted to be a part of their mission. Protenus allows me to continue to pursue my passion and encourages professional growth through innovation, company culture, and providing the necessary tools for success.


One of the things that is most exciting about Protenus is the hunger our team has to tackle healthcare’s critical challenges, like health data security and detecting incidents of clinical drug diversion in the healthcare environment. At Protenus, we hire people from diverse backgrounds to leverage their expertise in other fields to help the healthcare industry use technological advances to combat the ever-growing threats they and the patients they serve face. Our team is always learning, taking courses, attending conferences, and reading about the latest best practices to ensure we are applying the most cutting-edge technologies to the Protenus platform that we have become known for. Innovation is at the heart of Protenus. We don’t take shortcuts or go the easy route, and we take our time to make sure that what we are providing our customers will truly help them better protect their patients’ most sensitive data.

It’s important to mention that we don’t do it alone. Our customers are our partners and their feedback is critically important as our team continuously enhances the product. The information we gather from our customers about their pain points and organizational goals allows our team to prioritize and appropriately plan new feature requests based on our customers’ needs. Our customers are leading the market and improving the way that their organization is tackling health data security and drug diversion to ensure that trust exists with the patients who seek care within their organization.

Company culture

The drive to innovate at Protenus reinforces the excitement I initially had when reading about their achievements back in 2016. Now, as a team member, I also recognize that what elevates Protenus even further is the world-class team of individuals who are passionate about solving problems in healthcare. The company culture could be easily be described as one of empathy and accountability, allowing us to provide a delightful customer experience by building upon one another’s strengths.

Every team member has important responsibilities and a direct impact on our success - no job is less important than another. The team values transparency, which further encourages accountability and creates an environment of trust and friendship across the organization. Office politics aren’t an issue. We work closely together to evaluate risks and opportunities to build the innovative platform our customers rely on. Ultimately, encouraging each other to step outside of our comfort zones, both personally and professionally, in order to push ourselves toward greatness is how Protenus uniquely encourages a culture of growth and innovation.

Opportunity for self-guided growth

Protenus is growing rapidly, and there is a tremendous amount of opportunity to take on new responsibilities as we continue to grow our customer base. Since joining Protenus, I have learned a lot about myself professionally and have seen firsthand how all the other areas of our business align with strategic sales goals.

Protenus has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of how prospective customers want to consume content and how the latest tools in marketing automation and personalization can help to achieve a healthy communication pattern. This insight has allowed me to become more efficient and perform my job at a higher level. Protenus encourages every team member to own their role within the organization. For me, I’ve focused on mapping how I build relationships with customers and how the timing of receiving information from our organization affects how they achieve their goals. These tools have enabled me to focus less on selling and more on the art of service, which requires a deep understanding of how customers are trying to improve their processes and reach organizational goals.

Even with more than 18 years of sales experience, I still have a desire to ask thoughtful questions and learn as much as I can in order to become an expert at helping healthcare organizations tackle complex challenges.

Protenus has made innovation a cornerstone of everything we do. As we grow our sales team, it’s important to recognize the need for passionate and hungry team members who will work to reach and surpass our goals.

If Protenus sounds like a place where you could truly excel, check out our current job openings.

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