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How to delight customers by making implementation easy

At Protenus, few things are as important to us as delighting our customers. It is important to us that our customers are happy with their experience from the very beginning, starting with our implementation. We want our customers to be more excited about using Protenus after the implementation than they were before. To do this, we dedicate an entire team to facilitating an efficient implementation process. This ensures our customers can begin using the Protenus platform as soon as possible, with minimal time and effort.

The implementation team guides customers through a process which has been engineered to be as short as possible while still providing the requisite training and information necessary to succeed. This process allows our customers to seamlessly get up and running while feeling empowered to leverage the new level of insight the organization is achieving.  

Here are four ways in which our implementation process delights our customers:

Flexibility and shared goals

Protenus uses a variant of the agile method to organize the team for our implementation projects. This enables the team to adapt and provide real-time schedule updates as the project progresses without sacrificing on our commitments to our customers. If something in the project changes, our team is able to adjust the implementation plan and timeline to reflect the change, being fully transparent and upfront with our customers. Because we use a milestone planning approach, our customers are able to update their own timelines, and our team has the flexibility to respond to the change requests. This method empowers our customers to fully understand the implementation schedule and tailor the implementation plan to their organization’s specific needs.   

The implementation team also brings together people from different backgrounds: project management, data science, software engineering, data engineering, and customer success. In building our implementation team this way, we have unified all the resources necessary to facilitate implementations under one shared goal. The multidisciplinary nature of the team allows all stakeholders at our customer sites to communicate with the Protenus team members who speak their language. For example, if a customer has a highly specific data question, we directly connect them with the data scientist or engineer on their implementation team, eliminating possible confusion, simplifying communication, and expediting the implementation process overall.  

Technical diligence is done before implementation begins

To make the implementation process easy, Protenus conducts technical diligence before a contract is signed. As Senior DevOps Engineer, Aaron Stahl puts it, “Technical diligence happens upfront, so things go smoothly later.” During technical diligence we try to proactively mitigate any risks to the project by discussing expectations and technical details, such as which systems are in scope, versions of the systems already in place, and the size of the user group. This process is guided by all of our previous implementations, allowing us to apply what we’ve learned to further enhance the processes and deliver outcomes that delight our customers.  

Our platform is built to be configurable

Similarly, the implementation process at Protenus is built in such a way that “the process is turn-key and totally configuration-driven,” as Director of Project Management, Ryan Foster, describes it. For our customers, this translates into shorter implementation time. Because the platform is configuration-driven, no coding is required, and we are able to reduce the time necessary to get customers up and running in the Protenus platform.

We write data specs and scripts for easy ingest

Protenus works very closely with customers at the beginning of the implementation process to understand the structure of their data in order to maximize the impact of information that is uploaded in the platform. When we have a deep understanding of the data and integrate with sufficiently large datasets, our platform is enabled to more accurately identify potential privacy violations, greatly reducing false positives and allowing Protenus users to focus in on true threats to patient data.  

We also provide a wealth of information and materials to make the initial upload process as simple as possible. As Ryan Foster puts it, “Our team has taken additional steps to build the scripts to extract the data and integrate it into the platform, something you won’t normally find with other platforms. We also ensure we support our customers through that initial extraction.” This jump-starts or even eliminates the script-building step for our customers and allows for expedited data formatting, again reducing the time necessary to begin auditing every access with Protenus.  

At Protenus, we are committed to delighting our customers with the easiest, fastest, and highest quality implementation process. We’ve designed our implementation team and process with this commitment to delighting our customers and providing them with the best user experience possible.  

If you’re interested learning about our approach to customer implementations, contact us to learn more.

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