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Innovating for Tomorrow

Innovation is more than a buzzword to us. It’s one of the core elements built into the bedrock of our company. Product and process innovation enables our organization to be technology-first, putting investment dollars to work where they’ll expand and bring greater value to our customers.

Delivering on Innovation

As one of our company pillars, innovation spans all aspects of our organization. We challenge ourselves to deliver on it in five key areas:

  • Analytics: We build trust through analytics presented in an easily understood, narrative format that facilitates demonstration of your departmental ROI.
  • Efficient results: Our machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, using the best algorithms, delivers better results with lower false positives and is self-driven without additional resources or managed services.
  • Scalability: Our flexible platform allows solutions to be implemented in various levels of organizations, from small to large health systems.
  • Service and Support: We’re an award-winning customer experience organization offering best in class community support structure.
  • User experience: We offer solutions that are simple, elegant, easy to learn and use.

Our philosophy at Protenus is to champion new ways to deliver value to customers through the use of innovative technology and user-focused design. We strive to make customers’ lives easier, allowing them to focus on their organization’s top priorities, not just check the box on a collection of features.

What I love about being able to set a product vision is that we go beyond checking that compliance box. Compliance has to be black and white, where risk has a gradation — we take it to the next level with our analytics by focusing on both the gray area that is risky behavior and the more rigidly defined aspects of compliance.

Our vision is to be able to not just identify a diverter or privacy violation but to strive to prevent it from ever happening and to do it efficiently and elegantly across other high-risk functions at a provider.

- Scott Cady, Senior Product Manager, Protenus

Looking Ahead

Though it’s impossible to predict the future as the pandemic has taught us many times over, we believe strongly in our mission to empower healthcare to eliminate risk. We will continue to be a leader in delivering solutions that support the monitoring of healthcare activities in particularly sensitive areas, leveraging our AI technology to reduce risks such as debilitating reputational and financial consequences and erosion of patient trust.

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