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Education Key In Preventing Insider Breach Events

Learn how on-the-spot intervention was 95% effective in preventing insider data breach events and the best practices you should incorporate into your compliance program to help prevent unauthorized access to protected health information (PHI) over time.

Insider events create critical reputational, financial, and clinical risks to patients and healthcare organizations. Left unchecked (or unnoticed), this unauthorized access to protected health information (PHI) can escalate, and the potential for damage is a major threat. Taking a proactive stance on education greatly mitigates the risk, finds a recent study.

Reducing Repeat Offenses

A JAMA article published in April 2022 detailed results of a study conducted at a large academic medical center which found on-the-spot intervention was 95% effective in reducing hospital employees’ unauthorized access to PHI.

The study, co-authored by Nick Culbertson, CEO and Co-Founder of Protenus; John Xuefeng Jiang, PhD, Professor, Plante Moran Faculty Fellow, Department of Accounting & Information Systems at Michigan State University; and Dr. Ge Bai, PhD, CPA, Professor of Accounting at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, showed that a simple email warning after the first unauthorized PHI access overwhelmingly reduced repeat offenses.

Insight from the authors

In our special edition Privacy Series Tiny Talk, gain further insight directly from two of the co-authors, Nick Culbertson and John Xuefeng Jiang. In a short video episode, they cover: 

  • Why mainly focusing on low volume, high risk events leaves you open to risk
  • Surprises they uncovered in their findings
  • Best practices a health system should adopt within compliance efforts to help prevent unauthorized access of PHI over time

Watch this special edition Tiny Talk episode here, and register for the series so you don’t miss any of these short videos specifically designed for privacy experts who are ready to make a change — take back control and stop wondering what (or who) you’re missing.

Download the full study PDF here for more information.

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