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Cultivating a Community of Peers

Healthcare compliance is always changing, and you need the best way to stay up-to-date and connected – the PANDAS community of your healthcare peers and experts from Protenus is your home for learning, support, networking, and healthcare innovation. Learn how you can benefit from this exclusive, collaborative community of industry experts.

Have you ever walked into a room and just felt "seen"? That's what Protenus' customers experience when they participate in our PANDAS (People and Analytics) community, whether in person or online. We sweat cultivating a community of peers so you have the support of industry experts on your side. Nowhere else will you find an exclusive, collaborative user group of this size with so much focused attention and the power to reduce risk and move healthcare forward. 

Make valuable connections, achieve professional goals, and feel welcomed by healthcare peers facing the same challenges when you join our group of 300+ members from around 100 organizations across the nation. You'll be able to:

  • Learn and exchange best practices for ever-changing healthcare compliance
  • Collaborate and network with your peers in similar roles
  • Interact directly with the Protenus team to optimize your solution
  • Provide feedback in real time to Protenus product teams

The power of community

Just a few of the benefits our customers have experienced as part of Protenus' PANDAS community:

  • Discovered real-life outcomes that demonstrated risk reduction
  • Made connections which led to new professional opportunities
  • Tapped into the expertise of peers in similar situations who faced the same struggles

To learn more about the experience of participating in our PANDAS community from Veronica Sander, a Senior Privacy & Compliance Manager at Omada Health, watch our 2nd Tiny Talk, Cultivating a Community of Peers, available now. Sign up now so you’ll never miss an episode of this insightful, succinct recorded series you can watch anytime at your own pace.

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