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Preventive Compliance Monitoring

Every year, hospitals in the U.S. spend $39 billion to stay compliant, with most of the money focused on manual compliance tasks and audits. This reactive approach consumes major resources which are already stretched paper-thin in an industry still reeling from the impact of COVID-19. A proactive, preventive healthcare compliance monitoring solution helps reduce risk to organizations, workforces, and most importantly, patients – learn why it matters more than ever for mitigating risk in healthcare today.

You often hear dentists sing the praises of preventive care because it’s so much easier to keep teeth healthy rather than spend thousands of dollars cleaning up damage. The same is true for your healthcare compliance monitoring efforts. Instead of risking major reputational and financial damage to your hospital along with the virtually irreversible erosion of patient trust due to patient privacy violations, install a preventive compliance monitoring solution powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to help you quickly detect, act on, and recover from security incidents.

Join Protenus CEO and Co-Founder Nick Culbertson as he presents “Why Health Systems Should Treat Compliance Like Preventive Care” at HCCA 2022 in Phoenix on Tuesday, March 29, 2022 from 1:30-2:30 PM MST.

A matter of when, not if 

Make no mistake, the healthcare industry has long been the target of cybercriminals and insiders, and the violations show no signs of slowing down. Cybersecurity events are on the rise yet again, according to the 2022 Breach Barometer from Protenus. Over 50.4 million patient records were affected by data breaches and hackers were responsible for 75% of those incidents. It’s not a matter of if a security incident will happen to your hospital, it’s when.  Patient information is exceedingly vulnerable as threat actors sharpen their skills and exploit healthcare’s outdated and ineffective breach protections, as well as the industry’s beleaguered workforce.

Preventive compliance monitoring reduces risk

Hospitals and healthcare systems must switch their legacy solutions to a modernized, proactive, AI-driven solution to drastically reduce the resources needed to effectively and efficiently run a successful compliance monitoring program. Your organization will benefit from:

  • Proactive identification: Address incidents as they happen to ensure policy compliance before it escalates, putting your organization, workforce, and patients at risk.
  • Complete auditing: Sleep better at night knowing you have a comprehensive solution at your fingertips to audit up to 100% of system accesses.
  • Time savings through automation: Resolve cases quickly – our customers reported a 5-to-15-minute case evaluation time – with helpful background information that’s included when suspicious activity is surfaced.

To learn more about how preventive compliance monitoring can help you reduce risk in your organization, attend Protenus CEO and Co-Founder Nick Culbertson’s talk, “Why Health Systems Should Treat Compliance Like Preventive Care” at HCCA 2022 in Phoenix, 121, North Building, Level 100, on Tuesday, March 29, 2022 from 1:30-2:30 PM MST. He’ll be joined by Taylor Hays, Director, Compliance Program Monitoring at University of Miami Health System, for a customer’s perspective on the benefits of an AI-driven compliance monitoring solution. 

Also, visit Protenus at booth 205 during the show to learn how our patient privacy monitoring and drug diversion surveillance solutions can help your organization reduce risk and stay compliant with fewer resources. 


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