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Launching Now! Patient Privacy Video Series with Expert Insight, Actionable Advice

Register for this series of five short, expert-led, insightful episodes featuring actionable advice that empowers leaders to better protect their healthcare organization's reputation, finances, and most importantly — patients.

Healthcare leaders are bearing the impact of continued fallout of the pandemic, critical labor challenges, and deeper budget cuts while privacy violations continue to steadily climb — increasing risk to their organizations and their patients. It can be hard to know where to start in taking a proactive approach to protecting patient privacy in this landscape. We're here to help.

The Privacy FAQ Video Series offers the most contemporary perspectives on hot topics impacting patient privacy, plus actionable advice you can apply to better protect your patients' privacy and stay compliant — each episode is only around five minutes long so you can get back to your busy day.

Our first episode, How Do I Keep Up with an Evolving Compliance Landscape?, with Protenus' Director of Privacy Operations and Privacy Officer, Teresa Burns, just launched. Sign up now for immediate access and notification the minute a new episode drops!

Expert insight and actionable advice pave the way for better patient privacy protection. 


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