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Professional Services: Achieving Success Through a Tailored Approach

Professional Services: Achieving Success Through a Tailored Approach

Protenus is committed to helping our customers build strong and sustainable compliance programs coupled with the right solution. We understand that establishing a truly effective compliance program requires more than a technology solution. It requires the alignment of the right people and processes. We also acknowledge that many health systems face resource limitations that can impede their ability to effectively integrate technology, people, and processes on their own. These resource limitations can be further compounded by staffing shortages, tight budgets, and employee burnout. Today's compliance teams are confronted with the challenge of staying up to date with evolving regulatory requirements while also managing the impact of these constraints.So how can compliance teams determine the extent of their capabilities?

What are the best practices for optimizing platform utilization?

How can workflows be streamlined to expedite case resolution?

These are the questions our Professional Services team can aid you by answering through close collaboration with healthcare organizations.

Tailored Support for Your Unique Needs

Our Professional Services offerings include four key elements that put your organization on the fastest path to achieving monitoring efficiencies:

  1. Consultative Services — Ensure your organization gets the most out of the Protenus software by working hand-in-hand with a trusted Protenus expert on platform set-up, case thresholds, resolution workflows, employee awareness, and reporting and metrics.
  2. Case Review and Triage — Utilize tailored workflow analysis to improve case review and investigation efficiencies, freeing compliance staff to focus on organizational priorities that require human expertise.
  3. Complaint Case Review — Our team of experts will provide an objective perspective when conducting a thorough deep dive into your organization’s complaint-based cases. This flexible, cost-effective service enables your team to investigate complex cases in a timely manner even when resources are limited. 
  4. Health Checkup — Understand the overall health of your compliance program, performance against peers, opportunities to improve outcomes, and KPIs for reporting to leadership.

The Protenus Difference: Going Above and Beyond

What truly sets Protenus apart is our unwavering commitment to delivering dedicated support that goes above and beyond what other solutions offer. While some vendors only provide basic assistance, we are here to help ensure your success every step of the way. We understand the unique challenges faced by healthcare organizations, and our Professional Services team is devoted to addressing them head-on. We aim to provide you with the tools and resources you need until you don't. With Protenus, you can confidently navigate the complexities of regulatory requirements, enhance patient trust, and prioritize patient and workforce safety. Let us be your trusted partner in building and maintaining a robust compliance program.

“We are having to do less of an assessment because Protenus' system uses AI to do an assessment for us. We are not taking as much time to review a case. Our audit specialist will review cases and will usually review a case in 15 minutes at the most. Since we are training the system, we are seeing a lot fewer false positives. That is a good thing.” - Analyst/Coordinator, May 2023

For more information about how Protenus' Patient Privacy Monitoring solution, Drug Diversion Surveillance solution, or Professional Services can help your organization achieve unparalleled compliance effectiveness, contact us today. Let us join forces to protect your organization, workforce, and patients while optimizing your valuable resources.

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