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Coming Soon! Tiny Talk Video Series With Our Privacy Experts

Give us 15 minutes or less and we’ll give you the most up-to-date privacy experts’ perspectives on how AI can better protect your organization’s patient records and how you can easily show the departmental ROI health system leadership demands. 

Designed specifically for privacy leaders considering or ready to make a change, our Tiny Talks: The Privacy Series videos get to the heart of the matter quickly so you can get back to your busy day.

Spend less time wondering what (or who) you’re missing and fewer sleepless nights worrying about your organization’s vulnerability to preventable risk — each video in this series features a privacy expert tackling an everyday problem you’re all facing. 

Our first Tiny Talk, The Power of AI to Detect Privacy Violations, is launching in February 2022. Sign up now so you’ll never miss an episode of this insightful, succinct recorded series you can watch anytime at your own pace.

As a privacy professional, your role in protecting patient data is only growing as privacy violations continue to rise. Unauthorized patient record accesses may not always make headlines like hackers do, but their impact is undeniable in putting your organization’s reputation and its patients at risk. Did you know the average hospital is only able to evaluate 1,000 of its 60 million auditable events per month?  Protenus understands the daily challenges you face:

  • Limited resources
  • Outdated privacy solutions
  • Loads of false positives
  • Insufficient customer service

All these things plus many manual tasks take away from your ability to focus on what really matters. So let us sweat the small stuff so you can get back to safeguarding patient data and your organization’s reputation. 

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