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How AI Helps AMCs Better Protect Patient Privacy

Large academic medical centers (AMCs) have disproportionately larger risks for PHI data breaches compared to other hospitals. Faced with constant cost pressures and increasing care demand, AMCs need a way to do more with less. See the eye-opening results Protenus AMC customers achieved after Patient Privacy Monitoring implementation.

The Challenge

Academic Medial Centers, like all health systems, are responsible for keeping patients’ protected health information (PHI) safe, which can be challenging when under increased care demand and decreased resources. AMCs needed to increase patient privacy audit coverage while decreasing time spent to effectively protect more data.

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The Solution

The AMCs that partnered with Protenus sought to leverage technology powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning plus best practices to better protect patient privacy and decrease risk of a breach.

Recent research shows that hospital employees at a large AMC, left unchecked, repeatedly committed unauthorized access to PHI. However, an AI-powered privacy monitoring program that sent automatic email warnings to those who committed “lesser” unauthorized accesses was proven to be 95% effective in preventing repeat offenders. 

The Results

Based on aggregate data gathered over five years on Protenus’ AMC customers nationwide, these AMCs were empowered to:

  • Without adding headcount, increase capacity to review cases dramatically — up 55% between 2020 and 2021 alone
  • Decrease case resolution time by 25%
  • Uncover opportunities for employee education
  • Mitigate future risk of potential patient privacy violations

By harnessing the power of Protenus AI technology, these AMCs built proactive compliance programs with a focus on prevention that efficiently and effectively monitor up to 100% of system accesses and surface potential inappropriate behavior.

In recognizing suspicious behavior early and acting to prevent breaches before they escalate, these AMCs greatly mitigate risks to organizational reputation and finances while better protecting their most important assets, their patients.

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