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Built For Longevity, Our Customer Success Tops What You'll Find Anywhere Else

The opportunity to build something from the ground up as part of a healthcare technology startup could not have come at a more perfect time for Christa White. 

She had nine years of experience at Booz Allen Hamilton under her belt, and during her time in the consulting world, she'd touched a variety of roles: test engineering, customer support, technical documentation, technical training, and even intelligence analysis, for a stint. The mix of soft skills and technical skills made Christa a great match for Protenus, which was looking for the right person to take the lead on customer-facing functions. 

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When Christa joined Protenus in 2016, the company only had three health system customers, and its corresponding customer success team was tiny. Today, as VP of Customer Success and Services, she has a whole crew dedicated to supporting hundreds of end users.

After securing executive buy-in on the value of Customer Success, Christa was able to help grow that once small customer-focused team into a full-blown Customer Experience division with more than two dozen team members. Within the division today are customer success managers, professional services consultants, solutions engineers, support specialists, projects managers — all roles devoted to helping customers succeed with our healthcare compliance analytics platform. 

What Customer Success really means

A critical component of modern-day Software as a Service (SaaS) companies like Protenus, Customer Success is all about making sure that existing customers stay with you, Christa said in a recent interview with Ashley MacArthur Dean, a former end-user at Yale New Haven Health who has since landed at Deloitte. To provide a clearer picture of Customer Success, Christa told  Ashley and listeners of the NextExec podcast about an analogy that's stuck with her over the years. 

"Without customer success in a SaaS business, you're filling up a bucket that has holes in the bottom, and the more water you put in, the more slowly drains out of the bottom. You never fill up the bucket," she said. 

The water is business, and leaks are churn — customers who decide not to continue their partnership for one reason or another. But, Christa explained, "with Customer Success in place, you keep all the water in your bucket as you add new water, and eventually, you fill it up."

Positioned at the intersection of personal service and technical support, Customer Success experts translate the sophisticated analytics we've built into a powerful tool that actually creates efficiencies and improves compliance within hospital walls. They help to ensure that our platform excels in practice, not just in theory, allowing our customers to succeed and our business to grow.

Delivering long-term value

While building fruitful partnerships that ensure customers achieve optimal utilization of our platform, members of our Customer Success team are also in a position to serve as a valuable feedback channel. They're continuously taking lessons learned from customers and bringing them back to our data scientists and engineers, who in turn use the insights to advance our platform even further. 

As we expand our use cases and grow our business, Protenus is committed to ensuring that existing customers continue to find value in our platform and partnership. Customer Success is a key part of that mission, with Christa and many other knowledgeable experts helping health systems solve real problems using Protenus capabilities.  

Designed to ensure long-lasting relationships and optimal platform utilization even in the midst of major challenges, Customer Success at Protenus beats anything you'll find elsewhere. Want proof? Get in touch with us today.

For the full podcast episode where Christa White describes her path to Customer Success as well as real-world applications of healthcare compliance analytics, click here.

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