July 26, 2021

Team Members Living Out Protenus Values in Exceptional Ways

At Protenus, the values of Integrity, Insight, Simplicity, Shared Consciousness, Delight, Humility, Thoughtfulness, and Empowerment are baked into all that we do. We continuously look for new and rewarding ways to integrate these eight values into our work, for the ultimate benefit of employees, customers, and the company.

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July 21, 2021

How a Large Academic Medical Center Leverages AI to Scale Compliance

For large academic medical centers, ensuring compliance is an enormous undertaking. Often strapped for resources, compliance teams must investigate and enforce system-wide compliance with an increasingly complicated web of rules and regulations.

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July 16, 2021

Diversion Professional Services: The Extra Hand Your Team May Need

While advanced analytics play an important role in standing up a strong and sustainable clinical drug diversion monitoring program, the technology must be combined with the right people and processes. For teams that don't know exactly where to start — or simply don't have internal resources to spare — Protenus Professional Services for Drug Diversion Surveillance can provide tremendous value. 

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June 14, 2021

Employee Spotlight: Angie Stewart, Content Specialist

Our mission at Protenus is to advance the science of healthcare by bringing together creative and skilled individuals who are passionate about the security, usability, and applicability of health data. As this information becomes more voluminous, comprehensive, and, as a consequence, more vulnerable, we are building scalable, insightful solutions that address critical issues preventing the efficient, safe, and effective delivery of patient care. 

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June 8, 2021

Stretched to Their Limit, Doctors and Nurses Account for 67% of Drug Diversion in 2020

Healthcare workers endured truly extenuating circumstances this past year, from personal protective equipment shortages to makeshift morgues, and the toll on their wellbeing is gradually becoming clear. In November 2020, a Yale School of Public Health survey of workers at 25 U.S. medical centers found that nearly a quarter of the 1,132 respondents had probable post-traumatic stress disorder.

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