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Get The Support You Need: Privacy Professional Services Elevate Resource-Strapped Teams

Protenus is committed to helping healthcare organizations build strong, sustainable compliance programs that entail robust patient privacy monitoring. While advanced technology plays an important role in building a demonstrably effective program, it must be combined with the right people and processes for optimal results.

Unfortunately, in today's resource-constrained environment, hospitals don't always have the time or expertise to efficiently align technology, people, and processes on their own. For users of the Protenus Patient Privacy Monitoring platform who could benefit from dedicated support, best practices, and benchmarking insights, we offer a Professional Services package.

For more information about Protenus Patient Privacy Monitoring and Professional Services, contact us today. 

Designed to put organizations on the fastest path to achieving efficiencies in patient privacy monitoring, our Professional Services offerings are broken down into three elements:

      • Consultative ServicesEnsure your organization gets the most out of its patient privacy monitoring program by working hand-in-hand with a trusted Protenus privacy expert on platform set-up, case thresholds, resolution workflows, employee awareness, and reporting and metrics.

      • Case Review and Triage Utilize tailored policy and workflow analysis to improve case review and investigation efficiencies, freeing compliance staff to focus on organizational priorities that require human expertise.

      • Privacy Health Checkup Understand the overall health of your privacy program, performance against peers, opportunities to improve outcomes, and KPIs for reporting to leadership.

The Protenus Patient Privacy Monitoring platform is intuitive and user-friendly, leveraging AI and machine learning to identify 100% of all improper EHR accesses and automatically notify subject matter experts of the ones that pose the greatest organizational risk. 

But even with the functional interface, how do compliance teams determine what case threshold they're equipped to handle? What are best practices for getting the most out of the platform, as quickly as possible? Where can workflows be improved to expedite case resolution after Protenus has accurately surfaced a suspicious event? How can I share performance improvements with stakeholders? These are the kinds of questions that our Professional Services team is devoted to answering through close collaboration with partner healthcare organizations. 

The dedicated support we are able to deliver is one thing that truly sets us apart from other monitoring solutions. While other vendors supply technology and basic assistance, Protenus goes above and beyond to ensure our platform integrates seamlessly into your organization's framework, and that this framework is optimized for scalable efficiencies. 

It's not just us tooting our own horn — our customers agree. Here is one of the many glowing comments an end-user provided to KLAS Research:

"Protenus' responsiveness sets them apart from anybody else. Protenus has the ability to make the complex very simple and understandable, and that is key. They have made their tool so functional. I am seeing my staff do things now that I never even knew existed. The system makes my people better at what they do, and Protenus is willing to offer best practices from other companies. Protenus' people are open and eager to extend themselves. Protenus' back-end support is just unparalleled. We have regularly scheduled calls with Protenus. They are committed to doing those calls with us just to make sure that we are on the same page. When we have questions, Protenus is there to help us. They offer things at a cost, but the costs are reasonable. Protenus does a privacy health checkup to benchmark us against our peers in the industry and then gives us an analysis of where we stand and how to make us better. In the speed of things today, where things come and go so quickly, Protenus' commitment and accountability to us are just unparalleled and amazing to me." — Analyst/Coordinator, January 2021

Clearly, the combination of our platform and Professional Services is immensely valuable to Protenus privacy monitoring customers whose internal capabilities are stretched thin amid ever-expanding compliance risks. With a deeper understanding of the holistic support that Protenus offers, ask yourself one important question: Are you getting the level of service and support you need?

Want to learn more about Protenus Patient Privacy Monitoring and the exceptional Professional Services we offer? Click here to get in touch. 

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