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Team Members Living Out Protenus Values in Exceptional Ways

At Protenus, the values of Integrity, Insight, Simplicity, Shared Consciousness, Delight, Humility, Thoughtfulness, and Empowerment are baked into all that we do. We continuously look for new and rewarding ways to integrate these eight values into our work, for the ultimate benefit of employees, customers, and the company.

To that end, in mid-June, the People Operations and Executive teams proudly introduced a Values in Action Recognition Program. Each quarter, two employees will be recognized for living out our shared values and will be eligible to receive a monetary bonus award. 

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"Aligning our recognition with our values adds a deeper level of authenticity and meaning to those values," said Allie Pleasant, Talent Operations Manager at Protenus. "It helps create a strong sense of what we value, as well as what we reward."


The People Operations team sought nominations from employees (two nominees max per person, no self-nominations accepted), and in total, 20 separate individuals received nominations. From there, three criteria were used to select this quarter's two Values in Action Award recipients: the number of nominations they received, the breadth of values they displayed, and the impact their behavior has had on both colleagues and company goals.

Our first-ever Values in Action Award recipients live out many values beyond the ones highlighted below, but in the past quarter, their work in these areas was particularly exceptional. Their colleagues took note, and took the time to share specific examples of how they are making a positive difference. 

We are thrilled to extend a huge congratulations and thank you to the first two winners of our Values in Action Program:

Empowering Women in Tech:

Ellen Ambrose, Director of Artificial Intelligence


Leading With Integrity and Thoughtfulness:

Christa White, VP of Customer Success & Services


The contributions of Ellen and Christa are not only recognized by their closest team members, but have made a lasting impression on colleagues across departments. Both with Protenus for just shy of 5 years, Ellen and Christa consistently embody our values in ways that others look up to. 

Read some of the glowing comments team members made about this quarter's Values in Action Award recipients: 

Ellen Ambrose, Director of Artificial Intelligence


“Ellen has done a PHENOMENAL job building a sense of community with the monthly Tech Women lunch. It is something that I look forward to on a monthly basis. As a woman in my first tech job, I have really enjoyed connecting with other women. I appreciate the initiative and efforts Ellen has put forth in building this community."

“I have witnessed repeatedly Ellen empowering team members, presenting them with new opportunities and challenges. After I expressed to her that I would like to take on more responsibilities and start thinking about future research initiatives at Protenus, she has been making sure to bring me into conversations, asking my opinion, and giving me opportunities to take some initiatives and run with them. I have been feeling much more engaged in the past few quarters thanks to Ellen's leadership abilities. We are so fortunate to have people like Ellen in our team. She knows she's appreciated, but let's show her some extra love!"


Christa White, VP of Customer Success & Services



“I believe Christa has an amazing team spirit and illuminates all of our company values every day. In her 'monthly traffic light review of customer account meeting,' she is able to skillfully organize it efficiently, incite participation from attendees, preemptively address tough situations with immediate strategy, and vocally support her team members where recognition is due. She cares for our clients and her co-workers, evident in her work product."

“Christa White is an incredible manager and team member to work with. She is consistently putting her team first and is not afraid to ask the hard questions."



If you read our monthly Employee Spotlights, you'll know that our employees often say that the best thing about Protenus is the people. It's people like Christa and Ellen that make this true —  and we hope this recognition reminds them of how much they mean to our company, customers, and teammates. 

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