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Customer Spotlight: How Compliance Analytics Restored Patient Trust and Increased Revenue

Patient matching when auditing records is a problem many healthcare organizations encounter, but often cannot readily solve with EHRs or various workarounds. Lexington Clinic, Central Kentucky’s largest and oldest private multi-specialty medical group, which serves more than 640,000 patients annually, relied on a “same-last-name” search when auditing records: The compliance team found potential family member employer privacy violations, but also too many false positives for this process to be useful.

Lexington Clinic had recently decided to become self-insured for its own employees. Unfortunately, employees believed that the privacy of their medical records would not be secured, and often sought care elsewhere, driving the need for a solution to their auditing challenge. Consequently, Lexington Clinic was losing money from potential visits and referrals. 

The Clinic was losing the trust of its own employees. Clinic leaders realized that they needed to assure their staff that their personal health information (PHI) would be safe, that all access to it was monitored, and that any unauthorized access would be rapidly identified and investigated. 

With Protenus Healthcare Compliance Analytics, including its experts in professional services, Lexington Clinic was able to:

  • Ensure every instance of patient data access was monitored
  • Detect potential privacy violations, with 98.5% accuracy, and report cases to Compliance for investigation 
  • Launch organization-wide education campaigns on the importance of patient privacy 

It partnered with Protenus to change the way the Clinic monitored EHRs, ensuring that every instance of patient data access throughout all of the Clinic’s facilities was reviewed for appropriateness.

Within a year of this roll-out, Lexington Clinic had moved to a proactive compliance posture, and was able to respond to the cases Protenus identified appropriately, freeing compliance resources for other initiatives. In addition, Lexington Clinic realized a nearly 10% increase in its self-insured revenue as employees began to trust the system not only with their health, but with their records.

Download the full Customer Spotlight to learn more about the success Lexington Clinic achieved when adopting Protenus Healthcare Compliance Analytics.

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