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Customer Spotlight: IU Health Improves Compliance Culture with Healthcare Compliance Analytics

Like hospital systems nationwide, Indiana University Health (IU Health), faces the challenge of better detecting the theft of controlled substances occurring within its organization, a problem usually referred to as drug diversion. As the largest and most comprehensive healthcare system in the state, with 17 hospitals and approximately 30,000 employees, it had a relatively robust diversion surveillance program, but different hospitals had different approaches. These ranged from minimal surveillance to regular reporting to basic analytics. In addition, there was no consensus on what an institution-wide program should look like and which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to use to measure the program’s success.

By adeptly managing this process and working with Protenus, IU Health successfully implemented and executed a healthcare compliance analytics-based approach to diversion surveillance, improving outcomes and creating a culture of compliance across their Adult Academic Health Center (AAHC).

One element of its success was to work with stakeholders from different facilities to develop key metrics for success, then to establish baseline measures for its pre-healthcare compliance analytics methodology, which focused on a subset of IU’s primary training hospitals. From there, the platform would be piloted to demonstrate its efficacy and create best practices for the broader system.

Ultimately, IU Health’s AAHC was able to realign around a new approach to diversion surveillance, implement a new process for resolving diversion cases, and establish a new set of KPIs to track its diversion program. This success with Protenus Drug Diversion Surveillance has driven continued change and consensus across the institution.

Download the customer spotlight to learn more about IU Health’s experience and results with Protenus Drug Diversion Surveillance. 

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