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Diversion Professional Services: The Extra Hand Your Team May Need

While advanced analytics play an important role in standing up a strong and sustainable clinical drug diversion monitoring program, the technology must be combined with the right people and processes. For teams that don't know exactly where to start — or simply don't have internal resources to spare — Protenus Professional Services for Drug Diversion Surveillance can provide tremendous value. 

"Diversion customers are often standing up their proactive diversion prevention programs for the first time as they adopt Protenus," says Andrea Belmore, Professional Services Team Lead. "Standards and frameworks in the industry are loosely defined. So, there may be a significant need for guidance and best practices, and working with our Professional Services team as an extension of your diversion prevention and monitoring program."

Additionally, our Professional Services team can assist with workflow development that incorporates best practices and improves efficiencies such as communication among diversion team members and reducing the time it takes to investigate. Holly Conner, Senior Diversion Analyst adds, “Identifying an issue that needs further investigation is just the first step. The investigation process needs to be effective and efficient to ensure patient and staff safety and to meet regulatory requirements.”

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Modeled after the Professional Services offerings that are highly valued by Patient Privacy Monitoring customers, Diversion Professional Services are designed to equip end-users with best practices and insight into optimal utilization of the Clinical Drug Diversion Surveillance platform. Organizations that take advantage of this resource are in good hands, as the Professional Services team comprises experts with combined experience in compliance, privacy and pharmacy.

With Diversion Professional Services broken out into three components — Consultative Services, Case Review & Triage, and Drug Diversion CheckupTM — Andrea and her team provided a brief rundown on what each looks like:

Consultative Services

As an organization transitions to proactive diversion monitoring, whether from a legacy program or entirely from scratch, Protenus subject matter experts share guidance and best practices. For instance, a customer can receive help incorporating best practices into medication handling policies and procedures, or tap into Protenus' experience with end-user awareness campaigns. Our technical and functional expertise helps to ensure the organization is fully and efficiently utilizing the Diversion Surveillance solution.

Case Review and Triage

Ideal for customers who are under-resourced or struggling with budgetary constraints, the case review and triage offering entails granular evaluation of the organization's drug diversion trends, assistance with the case investigation process (including setting case thresholds), and the use of a data-driven approach to reduce violations over time. 

Drug Diversion Checkup

The Drug Diversion Checkup is a comprehensive annual report that provides key insights about how the diversion monitoring program is performing against benchmarks, as well as recommendations for improvement. When it comes to meeting reporting needs, highlighting program advancements, and demonstrating performance to stakeholders, the Checkup has proven to be an incredibly useful tool. 

While other vendors supply cumbersome technologies but limited support in optimizing utilization, Protenus offers a user-friendly solution in combination with tailored Professional Services to put diversion monitoring programs on the fastest path to value. Ultimately, with Diversion Professional Services, Protenus end-users are empowered to work smarter instead of harder, learn directly from experts, understand how they stack up against peers, and effectively communicate their program's success over time.

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