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Finally, A Decision Healthcare Leaders Can Make Without Losing Sleep

Things have never been easy in healthcare, a massive industry full of complexities, but hospitals and health systems have been forced to make especially difficult decisions in the past 14 months. From suspending non-urgent procedures, to laying off employees or closing altogether amid financial strain, and in some cases, turning away patients, the choices thrust upon healthcare leaders during the pandemic were ones no one could have anticipated. 

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While contending with Covid-19-related challenges on top of hardships that predated the crisis, hospital system decision-makers must seize any opportunity to simplify and improve day-to-day operations. One easy decision they can make? Automating critical compliance-related tasks.

Undeniable gaps

Healthcare compliance professionals play a significant yet often under-recognized role in keeping organizations operational and their patients safe. By helping ensure adherence to 629 distinct regulatory requirements, compliance teams safeguard patient privacy and dignity while shielding hospitals from the substantial fines that can result from reputation-damaging, budget-crushing violations. 

Unfortunately, many compliance teams still rely on outdated, inefficient manual processes to carry out their work that is essential to long-term organizational success. Considering that an average-sized hospital generates 60 million auditable event logs each month — which boils down to 2 million per day — it's very unlikely that teams employing manual audits can make anything more than a small dent, leaving wide gaps in monitoring.

With hundreds or even thousands of clinicians continuously accessing EMRs and other systems to deliver effective care, it is simply not possible to comb through each and every access for improper activity without the power of automation. 

Easy upgrade

Despite the clear shortcomings of manual labor, some organizations are reluctant to implement an automation-powered compliance solution for the first time — or replace one that isn't living up to expectations — because technology adoption can seem like a massive undertaking. That's why Protenus goes to great lengths to make integration of our solution painless at every stage of the process, from implementation to ongoing support. 

According to our customers, these efforts have paid off. Responding to a survey by KLAS Research, one manager told KLAS that despite early reservations, their organization quickly achieved value after deciding to partner with Protenus:

"One thing that drew us to Protenus was the customer support. We were concerned about the training aspect and how long that would take. Nobody wants to learn a new system that seems daunting. We felt like the vendor was walking hand in hand with us and that we wouldn't have an issue with going through the help desk and putting in a ticket. We just worked on the system one day and had a representative right next to us. This representative gave us feedback. We liked that idea and found that helpful. We can still go back to this person, although we don't tend to do that very often. Before we were just running access audits directly out of our EMR, so this is much better. My boss is very happy with the vendor and sings their praises. The vendor delivered everything that my boss hoped for, and my boss is not an easy person to please in that area. The vendor is doing well." - Manager, February 2021

Because Protenus delivers a user-friendly, intuitive compliance analytics solution, our customers can quickly hit the ground running. If any issue arises, the experts on our team — many of whom worked in clinical environments in past lives — are waiting in the wings, ready to provide responsive service with an intimate understanding of what compliance professionals face each day. In a field as complex as healthcare, this insider experience makes a big difference when it comes to helping our customers achieve their goals. 

The bottom line is this: with a solution that plugs seamlessly into organizational workflows and a crew of experts committed to your organization's success, Protenus makes compliance simple.

After a year of tough decisions, replacing manual processes or legacy systems with Protenus compliance analytics should be a no-brainer. Just ask one of our end-users: 

"Protenus has been fantastic in terms of service. They host the data, and there is no downtime. With other vendors, that is not the case. For the most part, we are incredibly happy with the product. I told my leaders that if they decided to terminate the product, I would quit because it makes my job a lot easier." - Director, February 2021

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