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How Protenus Provides Best-In-Class Service and Support

Across the country, hospitals and health systems rely on Protenus to detect violations to patient privacy and incidents of clinical drug diversion. The power of our analytics platform in addition to the outstanding service and support our team provides is why Protenus was named the top patient privacy monitoring solution by KLAS Research.

At Protenus, our customers and partnerships with them are our number one priority. Once the platform has been implemented, our dedicated team provides top-quality support via multiple channels to ensure their business needs are met and they are getting the most value from the platform. We achieve top industry recognitions because of the service and support we provide, including a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM), the Protenus Help Center, and an engaging user group community called PANDAs. 

A Dedicated Customer Success Manager

The Customer Success Manager (CSM) has an incredibly important job at Protenus: to ensure customers have an outstanding experience throughout their relationship with Protenus. The CSM’s responsibility includes proactively responding to customer requests in order to exceed expectations and to deliver a superior product experience. Our customers are true experts and constantly push us to think about what is next for healthcare - how to better protect patient data with advanced technology, and how to push industry standards forward. We want our customers to feel delight from their very first encounter with the Protenus sales team and continue that experience through implementation and each time they use the platform.

Customer Success Managers are highly knowledgeable about the healthcare compliance environment, the nuances of patient privacy regulations, and how to best leverage our technology to reduce risk across the organization. They are committed to our customers’ success and are able to directly connect you to any team member based on the customer’s request. As our customer’s partnership with Protenus continues to grow, the CSM will remain a constant and valuable resource, engaged with the team every step of the way.

The Protenus Help Center 

The Help Center is an easy-to-use web-based tool designed to make the customer’s day-to-day experience with the Protenus platform as informed, productive, and rewarding as possible. It reflects our commitment to full transparency as well as making sure that any requests or feedback our customers provide are tracked and monitored by our team and our customers. Many different kinds of assistance are available via The Help Center. For example, you can:

  • Engage Protenus technical support to ask a question or report an issue, and then track its resolution. 
  • Gain complete visibility into the history of your implementation, including the status of your issues, requests, ideas and collaborations.
  • Access a comprehensive knowledge base about the Protenus platform and advanced analytics. Gain insight into how our analytics work and our various roadmaps, access release notes, and more. 
  • View requests for enhancements suggestions, submit feedback, and gain additional insight to ensure the best ROI for the use of the platform. 

PANDAS: The Protenus User Community

Since threats are constantly evolving, continuous learning, adapting and improving hospital privacy or diversion detection programs is crucial to reducing risk. The PANDAS group is a thriving, supportive user community that brings together privacy and compliance professionals from top healthcare organizations to discuss industry trends, exchange best practices, and apply their collective expertise to advance standards for healthcare compliance analytics. It’s a unique opportunity to engage with your peers, learn from their experiences, and discover how other organizations are tackling their privacy and diversion challenges.

Since its founding in the early days of Protenus, PANDAS has grown to be the driving force in the industry for safeguarding sensitive data through analytics. A highlight is the annual PANDAS conference, where members come together to engage with experts, offer feedback on Protenus platform and discuss the latest data-driven techniques that enable better protection of patient data and effective compliance. 

Great service and support are also built into the Protenus platform, with client needs and expectations driving every interaction. For example, when you send us your daily files for auditing, the platform automatically emails you a receipt so you know it has arrived. If there are issues with the data, the platform goes further, alerting the Help Desk team, logging the issue in our monitoring system, and providing routine updates until the issue is resolved. Customers rest easy knowing Protenus is working hard to reduce risk across your organization and continue to exceed expectations.

Read more about our customers' experience with the Protenus platform and learn why we were named a 2019 KLAS Category Leader in patient privacy monitoring. 

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