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If You Stream It, Will They Come? 2020 PANDAS Live Delighted 300+ Virtual Conference Attendees

Among Protenus’ corporate values is “delight,” a word not heard too often in healthcare compliance offices or tech board rooms, but a word that we always think of when it comes to our annual PANDAS Live conference. Our team is always excited to plan the two-day event, inviting keynote speakers who will inspire attendees, selecting customers to share their accomplishments, and much more. Above all, our team works hard to delight Protenus customers who attend PANDAS, they exceed expectations every single year. 

“Thanks again for having this event!  I am looking forward to the implementation of Protenus at our facility and this event gave me great insight into what is coming for us.” - PANDAS attendee

PANDAS is a forum for healthcare compliance professionals to learn from their peers at other organizations about their experiences using the Protenus platform, exchange best practices, and share their collective expertise to advance standards for protecting patient privacy and preventing the diversion of controlled substances. They also participate in sessions with experts in the fields of privacy, healthcare information technology, and security, as well as from Protenus experts to learn more about our work and our latest research. From our 2016 event with 13 customers, to this year’s event, with 65+ organizations, we’ve been delighted to learn with and from each participant. 

This year, of course, was different. When the team realized that our fourth annual PANDAS Live would have to be virtual, they didn’t miss a beat: It was going to happen, it was going to be fascinating, and it was going to be fun. It would even include a cookbook since the annual tradition of the employee bake-off wasn’t possible. The key question was how to create a two-day online event that would inform, engage, inspire, and delight presenters and participants alike. We wanted our customers to zero in, not zoom out. 

PANDAS Cookbook 2020-1


Best Practices From Leading Experts

Making that happen, we focused on creating an agenda full on information about best practices in healthcare compliance and how teams across the country are using Protenus to make their privacy and diversion programs the standard for how such compliance analytics programs should operate. 

Several customers representing diverse types of hospital and health systems presented how they use the Protenus platform in very different environments, providing insight into the value they find in our platform and voicing their appreciation for our professional services. Despite the restrictions imposed by a virtual meeting, both days proved to be captivating and conversation-provoking.


Attendees also learned what compliance teams do to translate cases into employee education opportunities, and how large health systems refine and optimize user roles and workflows based on what they see from Protenus analytics. We heard about specific diversion triggers in large hospital systems and considered how such triggers might be used to train our AI to be even more effective in monitoring for diversion incidents. We also heard how one system went from an entirely manual system of random audits to leveraging a fully automated system with Protenus, and how another has adapted the system to meet the needs of its widespread hospital system. 

Engaging Keynote Speakers 

Our keynote speakers gave us even greater insight into fields of interest to all Protenus customers. First, Cora Han described how those engaged in data collection, management, and stewardship can best establish trust with their patients--and how quickly they can use it if they fail to be careful and transparent about the uses of that data. On Day Two, Beth Myers, Deputy Director of Policy for ONC, provided a leader’s perspective on understanding the ONC Cures Act. 

“I spent my Sunday morning watching the four on-demand presentations as part of PANDAS 2020. Good stuff.  I did attend both days of the virtual conference last week as well. Thank you for providing AHIMA CEU’s for this event. Much appreciated!” - PANDAS attendee

Both days featured virtual jam sessions with customers, where everyone shared ideas, best practices, and strategies for how to improve compliance analytics and lead the industry in doing the same. In addition to the live presentations, participants were able to hear from experts via on-demand videos on how to predict violations with AI; the Protenus product roadmap; best practices from Protenus Professional Services; and a special talk on interview techniques by Matt Deuchler, Assistant Special Agent in Charge at the U.S. Social Services Administration.


Join Us Next Year

At Protenus, we talk about how much we love our PANDAS community, and we enjoy the relationships we have built with each of our customers. This year was different--but the same. As presentations were occurring, we heard that attendees were calling their colleagues to join and listen to what they were learning from some of the best minds and organizations in the country. We were delighted to know that so many people were consistently engaged. In today’s environment, it’s hard to make time for one more thing, and we are grateful that 300+ people from over 65 organizations did just that. 

If you’d like to learn more about the PANDAS community and how your organization can benefit from compliance analytics, please email or visit our website to learn more.

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