June 26, 2020

Black Lives Matter: Where We Stand and How We Can Help

Protenus unequivocally supports racial, economic, and social justice, including an end to violence against Black Americans.  We know that every Black life matters.  We support the peaceful protests that have already led to local changes in some cities and states, with a specific focus on supporting racial equity and justice in Baltimore, where we founded our company in 2014.  I’ve heard many reasons why companies should embrace diversity in the workforce, most of the reasons pointed toward better results.  The best reason to embrace diversity, however, is that it's the right thing to do.

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May 20, 2020

If You Stream It, Will They Come? 2020 PANDAS Live Delighted 300+ Virtual Conference Attendees

Among Protenus’ corporate values is “delight,” a word not heard too often in healthcare compliance offices or tech board rooms, but a word that we always think of when it comes to our annual PANDAS Live conference. Our team is always excited to plan the two-day event, inviting keynote speakers who will inspire attendees, selecting customers to share their accomplishments, and much more. Above all, our team works hard to delight Protenus customers who attend PANDAS, they exceed expectations every single year. 

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April 29, 2020

Compliance Analytics: Adding Value to Healthcare Organizations

In a time when privacy and security violations seem to have become pervasive, healthcare compliance analytics leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to help hospitals and health systems protect the privacy of the patients seeking care within their institutions. The Protenus platform reviews every access to every patient record and detects potential threats with unprecedented accuracy. For the average hospital, where accesses can sometimes total more than 20 million per month, the capacity AI offers is a critical element of a robust privacy compliance program.

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December 2, 2019

Protenus' 5th Anniversary: Our Culture Remains Critical to Our Success

Protenus recently celebrated its fifth anniversary and while the date passed without much fanfare, I’ve been thinking about our journey and most importantly, reflecting with gratitude about the people who have invested a portion of their lives to help us get to this point. As we’re entering 2020 with ambitious goals,  I’m encouraged by our recent additions to the team and how they’re already contributing and laying the foundation for the future of Protenus. 

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November 27, 2018

Seven ways Protenus operationalizes our values to encourage growth

When my co-founder, Robert Lord, and I started Protenus in 2014 as medical students at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, we saw the benefits electronic medical records brought to patient care, but we also recognized the challenges that they presented. This included how access to patient information by healthcare employees influenced the quintessential element of trust that has traditionally served as the backbone of the patient-provider relationship. It became our mission to reinstate trust in the care environment. This was also the starting point for our company values, which are our cultural cornerstones at Protenus, guiding the decisions made across the organization, including the company’s strategic direction, the service we provide to our customers, and the people we hire.

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