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Protenus' 5th Anniversary: Our Culture Remains Critical to Our Success

Protenus recently celebrated its fifth anniversary and while the date passed without much fanfare, I’ve been thinking about our journey and most importantly, reflecting with gratitude about the people who have invested a portion of their lives to help us get to this point. As we’re entering 2020 with ambitious goals,  I’m encouraged by our recent additions to the team and how they’re already contributing and laying the foundation for the future of Protenus. 

As we approach the hire of our 100th employee, we are continuing to thoughtfully consider our plans for growth and recognize the impact each addition to our team has on the culture we have created at Protenus.  

We’ve always been proud of our culture and have taken steps to preserve it. It has also been clear to us how each new hire helps shape our culture and Protenus. When asked about the culture at Protenus, I often describe it as ‘evolving’; and that’s a good thing. This is largely due to the addition of so many new folks and the ways in which their contributions are enhancing and strengthening our operations and culture. 

The culture is also evolving because we’re learning a lot as a company. All of our team members are growing and learning more about what it means to be a leader, operate efficiently, and what it means to be successful within the organization. We’re learning how to tackle more challenging problems in healthcare while consistently offering simple solutions, and how to better meet and exceed the needs of our customers. As a result of this learning process, we’ve seen a lot of change, and I’m grateful to say, most all of it has been positive.

Even in a new year and navigating an evolving culture, some things won’t change. People who do the right thing in the face of difficult choices, build joy into their work, operate with intellectual humility, and communicate transparently about priorities and performance will always be welcome at Protenus.

When I see people living out these values while offering new ways to help shape our culture, I’m honored and encouraged to have the opportunity to lead. And when I see employees who are living our values, even when no one is watching, I’m reminded yet again just how important each person is to achieving our mission, while maintaining a healthy culture in the process. 

We’ve learned a lot in our first five years and we’re thrilled about the culture our team has established. At the same time, we’re grateful to have new ideas and contributions added to our team all the time. I’m looking forward to our continued growth and being a part of what we accomplish together. 

Check out our website to learn more about the Protenus culture. If you're interested in joining our team, we post our open positions on the careers page, feel free to check them out and share with friends who may be interested.

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