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Listening, Transparency, and Trust in Customer Success

“True listening is hearing the needs of the customer, understanding those needs, and making sure the company recognizes the opportunities they present,” said Frank Eliason, Director of Client Experience at Citi. At Protenus, this mindset leads the way. In fact, we rely on insight from our customers, not only to improve, but to innovate. On the Customer Success team, customer feedback drives everything we do. And we start by listening.

Customers are an extension of our team

The main goal of any customer success team in healthcare is to ensure the great people we work with are successful in reaching their institutional goals. At Protenus, however, there is a level of partnership that I haven’t seen anywhere else in healthcare, an industry I’ve worked in for more than a decade. Our customers are considered an integral part of the Protenus team.

Being a part of the team means encouraging open collaboration between ourselves and our users, which motivates everyone involved. End users are encouraged to openly provide feedback on the Protenus platform, and this thoughtful insight helps Protenus better prioritize enhancements to our analytics. Most importantly, we communicate openly about how our work is informed by customer feedback.

On many occasions, our customers have said they greatly appreciate the candid conversations and the continuous updates Protenus provides on how their feedback is being applied. These partnerships have been extremely gratifying from a customer success perspective, too: Knowing our relationships go much deeper than a typical vendor brings joy to our work.

Transparency is essential

To effectively collaborate and innovate side by side with customers, it’s critical to have complete transparency with the status of customer requests, implementations, and ongoing efforts. It’s important that customers know their requests and feedback have been heard.

At Protenus, we use the Protenus Help Desk to provide customers visibility into the status of their requests, ideas, and collaborations. Customers can view requests, upvote feedback, and provide additional insight to ensure development is done in a manner that will meet and exceed their expectations. We communicate regularly about our roadmap via release notes, emails, and webcasts.

The best part is this: At Protenus, we’ve found that transparency encourages customers to increase their level of transparency, too. Our users are the experts in their field, with a deep understanding of the challenges their organization is facing. By being transparent, the customer success team strives to create an environment and relationship that allows customers to feel comfortable providing candid feedback that will influence our product roadmap. As the privacy monitoring industry continues to evolve in response to AI-powered technology like Protenus, this transparency helps us do more every day to help our customers stay compliant.

A solid foundation builds trust

Trust is essential in customer success in healthcare. In the case of Protenus, customers trust us with protecting some of their most sensitive data, and it’s our responsibility to earn, and keep, their trust. Protenus is unique in that from day one, we’ve invested in building a foundation on customer success. This foundation provides the ability to stay focused on meeting customer needs, and exceeding expectations.

A great example is our PANDAS community. It stands for Privacy and Analytics, and it brings together privacy and compliance professionals from across the country to exchange best practices, participate in discussions at the leading edge of data analytics, and build an active community based on a shared vision for the future of healthcare. Since its founding in the early days of Protenus, PANDAS has grown to be the driving force in the industry for improving the standards in patient privacy through data-driven techniques.

At our most recent PANDAS conference, customers and guests assembled for a two-day event focusing on best practices for privacy and analytics in healthcare. We used “Vegas rules,” allowing attendees to freely discuss their organizational challenges with each other, as well as the Protenus team. It became clear that this event served as an outlet for attendees, finding comfort knowing that other organizations were facing similar challenges. They were all in this together, working to determine the best way to find the solutions to their ongoing frustrations. These discussions also provided valuable insight into how future enhancements to the Protenus platform would further alleviate these challenges, continuing to solidify our foundation of trust.

Customer success in healthcare should listen to the challenges facing healthcare organizations, and look for opportunities to alleviate their customers' pain points, whether it’s how your product can better serve your customers, or giving customers an outlet to discuss difficult challenges. With full transparency, open collaboration, and an unwavering commitment to building trust with our customers, we work to exceed expectations and return their focus to meeting their organizational goals. And it all starts with listening.

Want to be our customer and work with the stellar Customer Success team at Protenus? Take a look at our website to see how Protenus advanced analytics might help you stay more compliant. And if you want to work with us: Check out our job postings on Lever.

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