January 31, 2017

2016 Averaged at Least One Health Data Breach Per Day, Affecting More Than 27M Patient Records

The healthcare industry was plagued by breaches involving patient or health data throughout 2016, with hacking and ransomware incidents reminding us how vulnerable protected health information (PHI) remains. We’d love to tell you that by the end of the year things were starting to improve, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Even as healthcare leaders became increasingly aware of the importance of health data protection, the number of breach incidents remained relatively steady each month of the year, highlighting the continued threat to patient data.

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January 25, 2017

OCR audits: An opportunity to understand patient privacy

Was your organization or hospital subject to an OCR phase 2 audit in 2016? Chances are no, considering only a small subset of 167 healthcare providers, plans, and clearinghouses found themselves in this position. In 2017, on-site audits will begin, and it’s safe to say that OCR audits are just getting started.

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December 28, 2016

3 Top Healthcare Privacy Conferences for the C-Suite in 2017

With 2016 coming to a close, it’s time to look to 2017. There are many things that need to be done to prepare for the new year, and selecting the best conferences to attend is an important step to using your time wisely. If you're looking for an opportunity to collaborate with fellow executives at leading healthcare institutions, understand why protecting patient data matters to your organization, and learn about the future of health IT and analytics, the conferences below are are a must. We’ve done our homework and present the top privacy conferences for the C-suite in 2017.

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December 21, 2016

Top Conferences for Healthcare Privacy and Compliance Officers in 2017

With every passing year it seems like a huge number of new conferences about healthcare privacy and compliance are surfacing, all claiming to be the best in town.  It’s impossible to attend every conference, so how do privacy officers know which ones are the best?  Look no further. We’ve done the research and developed a list of the top conferences for healthcare privacy and compliance professionals to attend in 2017.

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December 15, 2016

An Alarming 57 Health Data Breaches in November - Highest in 2016

This month’s data regarding breaches of protected health information reinforces the need for health data security to be a top priority.  With an average of almost 2 breaches per day, November has seen a record number of breach incidents, the highest of any month in 2016.  What’s even more concerning is that employees (insiders) are responsible for more than half of this month’s breaches to patient data, a notable increase from past months.

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