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How Protenus Measures Success in Patient Privacy Monitoring

At Protenus, customers are our top priority. By continuously working to understand the evolving challenges facing our partnered healthcare organizations, we deliver a solution that plugs easily into existing workflows, minimizes cumbersome manual labor, and better ensures organizational compliance.

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How do we know our software makes such an exceptional difference? We rely heavily on customer feedback, which is at the heart of every company decision. 

"Customer experience and customer success don't work unless the whole company is incentivized to work toward it," says Christa White, Protenus' VP of Customer Success. "We work it into everything we do. Shared alignment plan goals are such that all teams have a stake in customer success."

Net Promoter Score

Like the organizations we partner with, our team takes customer satisfaction very seriously. That's why we closely track our Net Promoter Score and use it to craft the customer journey. An index ranging from -100 to 100, NPS measures customers' willingness to recommend a company's products or services to others. It is an industry-agnostic gold standard for gauging overall customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Protenus ended a tumultuous 2020 with an impressive NPS of 96 for our Patient Privacy Monitoring Solution — well exceeding our target of 75. Even more impressive, the Protenus privacy solution maintained a score above 80 throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This didn't happen by mistake. Hearing customer concerns about rapidly increasing patient volumes, insider snooping on COVID-19 status, and workforce reassignments, our team has worked diligently to prioritize software updates that will make users lives' easier. 

"Protenus tries to understand the changes we have made because of the COVID-19 crisis. We have individuals who are being reassigned to different jobs, and that hasn’t been easy. Protenus has been quick to pick up on that issue and recognize when a pattern looks unusual. We have had a lot of conversations with the vendor about changes that we are making so that the vendor can be aware of the changes. The vendor has increased their attention to the risk areas that we have identified," said one client, a VP/Other Executive, responding to a survey by KLAS Research in April 2020.

As our customers attest, we at Protenus are good listeners. Why? Because client feedback is essential to keeping our software cutting-edge, and keeping healthcare organizations compliant.


Protenus is determined to ensure that our customers feel supported and empowered by our partnership. As part of that mission, we host PANDAS, a forum where healthcare compliance professionals can share ideas, gain actionable insights from expert speakers, and advance standards for protecting patient privacy and preventing the diversion of controlled substances.

"That's another way we show how serious we are about the success of our customers," Christa says. "We're so invested that we've stood up this industry-leading user community for them to learn from each other and exchange best practices."

When PANDAS went virtual in 2020 due to COVID-19, the event still drew more than 300 live attendees representing 65 organizations. According to post-event survey results, 100 percent of attendees learned something new, and 100 percent said their conference objectives were achieved.

Beyond live meetings, Protenus continuously educates the PANDAS community on how they can leverage our system to satisfy their organization's unique and changing needs. For instance, in December, Protenus provided essential guidance on keeping false positives to a minimum as COVID-19 and vaccine distribution created new workflow patterns. Already, we're seeing customers put these learned concepts into action.

Open Dialogue

Through regular conversations, our customer success team stays up-to-date on which obstacles users are facing and what they aim to achieve with Protenus. These discussions directly feed into our development priorities, software upgrades and product pipeline. 

We stay plugged into the healthcare landscape as well as hospital-level hangups, making ourselves an integral part of the organizations we serve. This effort doesn't go unnoticed by customers. 

"I give glowing reviews for Protenus’ support. From the very start, we have had the leadership team and our project manager, and they have all been incredibly responsive to our requests and questions. Protenus has a good user group, and everyone interacts very well with one another and gives feedback to Protenus. All those factors combined make the system work very well for us," one VP/Other Executive responded to a KLAS survey in March 2020. 

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